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A pool table adds a lot of entertainment value to a home but can leave a lot of people scratching their heads when it’s time to move! We have the experience, patience and steady hands to manoeuvre pool tables of all sizes to any location desired. Whether it’s on the top floor or the basement, we get around those tricky twists and turns without leaving a scratch on your walls.

Many people will want to move their pool table themselves with the help of a few of their friends but for yours and their safety’s sake, we strongly recommend hiring trained staff to do the work. Attempting to do a DIY move will increase the likelihood of injury and damage to the table and surroundings. People assume that wood makes up the bulk of the table and accounts for its heavy weight but under all that felt is a slate that needs to be handled with care. Our staff will disassemble the awkward shape of the pool table in the right order into its smaller manageable parts for easy transportation to your new location. They also use appropriate equipment to load and secure the components into our truck to ensure it is well protected on the way to your new digs.

Getting the parts to the right room is only the beginning of the challenge as they are yet to be reassembled. Rest assured, our expert removalists at Able Removals will not leave you to reassemble the parts yourself as it can get really complicated when figuring out how to put it all back together. We certainly do not recommend a DIY build up unless you have precise instructions and guidelines from the manufacturer of your table and even then it can be quite the frustrating experience. Let our staff do the dirty work and leave them to meticulously put each part back together – they’ll make it look easy!

Call Able Removals today for a professional pool table removal service that won’t break the bank, or your pool table either.

Unbreakable Service

With Able Removals, we’re able to get the job done fast whilst making sure that everything is packed, positioned and padded properly to ensure that your delicate items and valuable possessions make the move in the same condition as they were in before.

We’re always stocked up with moving boxes, strong packing tape, firm and protective padding as well as some of the most careful pairs of hands in Western Australia!

So if you need a bit of care and attention to detail to help you prepare for your home or office removal in Perth, call the moving experts at Able Removals now!


Expert Pool Table Movers

Pool tables are heavy, have a bizarre shape and are an absolute pain to move! Lucky for you, we have moved our fair share of pool tables over the years, so we know exactly how to get it from A to B or from Joondalup to Rockingham, so all you have to worry about is beating your new neighbours in a game!


Fully Insured

Your pool table is an expensive piece of gear! And we know you want to be winning beers against your mates at your new place, so we make sure that your pool table gets there safely!


Don't Lift With Your Back!

Save the deadlifts for the gym, not moving your pool table. We have the right equipment to ensure your pool table is moved carefully, effectively and damage free, and you don’t find a bunch of broke back removalists lying on your front lawn.

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We can deliver a variety of packing materials to your doorstep.