Tips For First Time Landlords

Letting out your property for the first-time can be a nerve wracking experience. You may be renting your family home or a newly bought investment property, whatever your situation becoming a landlord can be quite daunting. Here at Able Removals we’ve come up with some advice for those who are just about to embark on this new journey as a landlord. Decide whether you want to use a letting agent There are always plenty of pros and cons with using…

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Tips For First Time Renters

Moving into your first rental property is an exciting milestone in your life as it marks the beginning of your independence.  Many people take on their first rental after living with their parents and look forward to the freedom of having less restrictions. While renting is a new experience and can be tremendous fun, it can also be a little overwhelming as you are accountable to a landlord and liable for any damage. Here at Able Removals we’ve come up…

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Tips For End Of Lease Cleaning

Cleaning your property when it comes to the end of a lease can be an overwhelming experience. 30% of households in Australia are rented.  It’s entirely up to you whether you clean it yourself or call in a professional team. Letting agents and landlords have the right to retain a bond if they feel a property is not cleaned well enough once you’ve vacated. This happens more often than you may imagine, so if you are going to clean the…

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