Renting With Pets

There are more pets in Australia than people, so it’s easy to understand why there is such a demand for rental properties which allow you to keep pets. 63% of households in this country own one, so we are a nation of pet lovers! Statistics show that only 10% of rental properties are advertised as pet friendly and if you log onto any rental property website, you’ll notice that there’s a distinct lack of availability. Here at Able Removals we…

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How To Move A Pool Table

It’s no mean feat to move a pool table. It’s a delicate process and one that can be quite time-consuming. Have you ever tried to lift a pool table? It’s very heavy, weighing around 900 pounds and it would be a job for several people. Here at Able Removals, we have the necessary skills and expertise to do this for you, but for those who want to do it themselves, we’ve come up with some practical advice on how to…

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Moving Interstate On A Budget

Statistics show that 45% of Australians will move to a new house over a five-year period with Christmas and summer being the busiest period. Inevitably there will be large costs involved, but it is possible to plan your move on a budget and ensure your furniture and belongings get from A to B without any breakages. We are one of Perth’s most trusted removal firms and provide a comprehensive service at a reasonable price.  If you want to move interstate…

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