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How To Throw A Housewarming Party

Once you’ve unpacked all your boxes and your house is looking more like a home, it’s a great time to think about organising a housewarming party and showing off your new abode.

Here at Able Removals we’ve come up with some ideas to help to make it a memorable event.

Choose a theme

Throwing a themed party always adds a bit more excitement and provides great opportunities for photos.

Let your guests know so they can dress in suitable attire to match your theme. Why not theme the party to tie in with the age of the house, like a 1980’s party or if it’s a new build a futuristic one? Or you could have a poolside or garden party.

Send out invitations

It may seem straightforward but send invitations out a few weeks in advance, so you know catering numbers. Always ask your guests to RSVP. In the lead up to the event try to clear your larder and fridge so you’ve room for extra food.

Australians are generally very welcoming but a recent survey shows that one in five have never met their neighbours. Why not go that extra mile and go around to the neighbours with your invitation so you can get to know them a little better ahead of the event? It can help get ahead of any neighbourhood disputes in the future if they’ve actually popped in and gotten to know you.

Organise your food and drinks

Decide if you’re going to cater for the event yourself or whether you will hire an outside company.
You could keep it easy by just offering cold food or doing a barbeque with salad. Take account of any dietary requirements and try to prepare as much as you can in advance so that on the day itself you can enjoy the ambience and chat to guests.

Most people will come with a bottle or an alcoholic drink, but make sure you have plenty of ice, glasses and a good stock of napkins. Don’t forget soft drinks for those who may be driving.

Think about creating a signature cocktail and tell everyone the ingredients, even list them on a board as this way your choice of cocktail becomes a real talking point.

Provide some entertainment

There’s no better way than to get to know people than organising a few games. How about a scavenger hunt to show off your new garden which involves hiding items for guests to find?

Or you could invite them to play ‘Neighbourhood Trivia’. This may involve asking your guests questions relating to landmarks or historical events which have happened in your village or town.

Give them a guided tour

Your guests will want a guided tour, so explain why you’ve set the rooms up the way you have and the reasons behind your furnishings. Tell them about possible renovation projects and long-term plans.

As the host you will have a lot to do, but try to relax. If you are enjoying your housewarming party, chances are others will too. Save washing up and clearing away for the next day and don’t forget to toast your new home, it’s sure to bring you good luck for the future!

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