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How To Start A Removals Business

Starting your own removalist company can be both challenging and exciting.  As a small business with low overheads, you can make it a successful venture.

The key is to offer a high level of service at affordable prices and of course to make such a good impression that you can attract plenty of custom through recommendations.

The removalist industry in Australia is thriving and worth around $2 billion a year with an estimated one million moves carried out in the country annually. It’s growing by 2.8% every year according to an IBIS Industry Report released in 2017.

Our team at Able Removals has come up with this advice for anyone interested in starting a removalist firm.

Who’s suited to running a removal firm?

Moving furniture and other heavy items is a physically demanding job so you should be fit and strong.  Even if you see yourself managing the business eventually, you’ll probably need to help out on the vans undertaking manual work such as lifting and shifting.

Make sure you have no health issues which may cause problems such as a bad back.

To run a successful removalist business, you’ll need to be methodical and organised and good at planning. Ultimately you need to be able to assess how long a job may take.  Scheduling your workload is important so you know how many removals you can accommodate in a set period and how many removal workers may be required for that job.

You’ll be dealing with people on a daily basis so you’ll need to have good social skills and offer great customer service.

Remember you may have to deal with people who may find moving stressful, so you will have to be prepared to deal with any of their concerns and put them at ease.

Will it be profitable?

If you keep overheads down and work on the van as a driver or removalist, then it can be financially lucrative. There are plenty of removal companies around, so you need to make sure yours stands out from the rest.

Start-up costs are low, you’ll need a van or vans, packing material, a few lifting trolleys and vehicle insurance in case of any accidents and public liability insurance.

Do I need to have any formal qualifications?

You can study for a Cert II or III in Furniture Removal which will demonstrate you are competent in this industry.

Anyone can set up a removalist business, it’s not regulated in Australia but you may want to join the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA).  It’s an official body for removalists and can offer advice on training, insurance and dispute resolution.

The outlook for this industry is optimistic.  There is an increasing demand for residential property which is fuelling a demand for removalist services.

Able Removals is a family run firm with more than 20 years’ experience.  We know the removal industry inside out and can advise you on all your requirements so give us a call today.

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