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Moving Interstate On A Budget

Statistics show that 45% of Australians will move to a new house over a five-year period with Christmas and summer being the busiest period. Inevitably there will be large costs involved, but it is possible to plan your move on a budget and ensure your furniture and belongings get from A to B without any breakages.

We are one of Perth’s most trusted removal firms and provide a comprehensive service at a reasonable price.  If you want to move interstate on a budget we’ve put together some advice to keep costs down.

Be organised

It’s an obvious tip, but there are so many people who aren’t very prepared when it comes to their removal. You need to decide how much you want to shift.  You may want to sell some of your items or throw old belongings away, but it’s important that you know roughly how much you are going to move, so you can determine the right lorry size. This means you won’t end up paying for a truck which you are unable to fill.  

Gather cardboard boxes (as many as you can)

If you’re methodical and there’s a long lead up to your move, then start collecting boxes, from the supermarket, hardware store or from any neighbours who may have some spare.  If you can’t get all the boxes you need, then look on ‘Gumtree’ for second hand ones, as there are always plenty advertised which are far cheaper than buying new ones.

Consider backloading

Do you know what this means?  The term was originally coined in America but essentially it is moving smaller amounts from one place to another using a truck which is already part loaded with someone else’s goods.  It may have already done a removal, is returning home and wants to fill up an otherwise empty truck.

If you take advantage of backloading, you will only pay for the space you utilise in one direction. If you’ve only got a handful of items to move it’s a wise choice, be warned though the journey may take longer than you anticipate.

Be selective with the day you move

Just like booking a wedding, some days are cheaper to move than others.  You will always find mid-week is less expensive than the weekend so plan your move to coincide with those cheaper days.

Do It Yourself

If you really want to cut costs and fancy a bit of a road trip along the way, then you could always hire your own truck.  You would have to be comfortable driving a large unfamiliar vehicle especially one which is quite big, but it would be a very memorable trip.

Fill a shipping container

Another option is to fill a shipping container and have it taken by rail to your destination. You usually have the choice of different sizes and you pack it yourself in your own time. When it’s ready it will be taken away.  One advantage is that as you load everything yourself, you’ll know where everything is once you get to the other end.

Remember that while doing a DIY move may seem the cheapest option, it may not go according to plan and could involve a lot of stress. Here at Able Removals we offer highly competitive prices. We’re a long-established family run business. Why not give us a call today to find out more?

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