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How To Move A Pool Table

It’s no mean feat to move a pool table. It’s a delicate process and one that can be quite time-consuming. Have you ever tried to lift a pool table? It’s very heavy, weighing around 900 pounds and it would be a job for several people.

Here at Able Removals, we have the necessary skills and expertise to do this for you, but for those who want to do it themselves, we’ve come up with some practical advice on how to transport a pool table.

Trying to move a pool table without taking it apart

This is, of course, the easiest option and the most tempting one, but we strongly advise against it. Think about it carefully, are you really going to get it through doors unscathed and without any damage?

Tilting it to move around corners is just asking for trouble. Most pool tables have a slate bed which means if it slips and drops, it will crack. 

Getting organised

The key to moving a pool table is being methodical. Label every part and make a record of where it fits.  Screws can easily go missing.  Check you have the right tools for the job and if your table came with instructions, refer to them.

Taking it down

Carefully remove the staples or screws to unfasten the six side pockets.  Take off the rails and retain all the bolts.  Removing the felt is next which is probably the hardest bit of the process and if you want to reuse the felt then you will have to remove the staples very carefully.

Then move onto the slate.  Use a power drill, it could weigh 800 lbs so you will need a lot of helpers, even if it does come apart into multiple pieces. Detach the frame, and wrap it very carefully. Wrap the rails and legs separately and then store them on top of the frame.

Make sure the other items are wrapped extensively too. If the slate does break down into pieces, replacing just one of these will be very tricky, so be extra vigilant.

Putting it back together

Don’t think for one moment that putting it back together will be easy.  It may need to be reassembled with the pool table upside down so you can screw on the legs and base which will involve flipping the table back over.

You will need to ensure the slate bed is level, can you imagine a game of pool if the table was uneven?  Wax the seams, you can use beeswax to fill in screw holes. A propane torch will melt the wax and remember to make sure the surface is smooth.

The felt and rails are the last pieces to go on, when the felt is in place, a razor blade will be needed to cut holes to the slate panel for the bolts. Make sure the felt is snug and there are no bumps and creases, then align the pockets

Hire a professional team – Able Removals

Most pool table removals are undertaken by professional and it’s obvious to see why. Is it worth the risk to do a DIY dismantle, move and reassemble?  Able Removals is a family owned, Joondalup based company which is fully insured to give you peace of mind and has moved many pool tables over the years, so contact us today for a quote.


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