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Tips For End Of Lease Cleaning

Cleaning your property when it comes to the end of a lease can be an overwhelming experience. 30% of households in Australia are rented.  It’s entirely up to you whether you clean it yourself or call in a professional team.

Letting agents and landlords have the right to retain a bond if they feel a property is not cleaned well enough once you’ve vacated. This happens more often than you may imagine, so if you are going to clean the property yourself, here at Able Removals we’ve come up with some tip tips to help you plan your end of lease cleaning.

Start your clean way in advance

This is an obvious suggestion, but is so often ignored by tenants moving out – remember a deep clean takes time. There’s nothing worse than leaving it to the last minute. We suggest you allow four days for a proper clean.  Many people adopt a less stressful approach and move out first, say a week early, then return to the property when it’s empty so they can undertake an intensive, thorough clean without any furniture being in the way.

Use your inventory as a guide

Make sure you have your inventory close by as you work your way through the rooms. This will outline the condition of the house or flat and list any defects which already existed when you moved in. Check each individual room and be aware of any discrepancies which may need attention.

Tackle each room individually

Make sure you are armed with the right cleaning products and appliances.  It’s no good vacuuming with a cleaner which doesn’t pick up very well, or using a cleaning solution which isn’t suitable for the job.

You may want to work from the top of the house down, go through the bedrooms and check for cobwebs, then tackle the communal areas such as the living room and dining area.  Bathrooms and toilets will need a deep clean, and make sure there is no mould in shower/bath areas.

Don’t forget hall areas and the staircase.  Spend plenty of time in the kitchen, empty the cupboards and shelves and of course clean and scour the oven as this can get very mucky.

Don’t forget the garden and exterior areas, remove weeds, ensure the grass is mown and the garage is swept too.

Detailed cleaning

Remember you are also responsible for more detailed cleaning which includes skirting or base boards, doorframes and door knobs, drawer pulls and handles.  You’ll also need to wipe window sills, dust window screens and clean blinds as well as removing muck marks from light switches and power points.

Most tenancy agreements stipulate that you should have the carpets deep cleaned and the curtains laundered.

Final Inspection Day

Make sure you are with the landlord or letting agent when he does his final inspection.  They are usually happy for you to accompany them. Bring your cleaning equipment with you so that you can address any areas which may be a cause for concern and which are highlighted during the inspection so you can tackle these on the spot.  This will help you to avoid being stung with any unnecessary cleaning charges.

Able Removals is a well-established and highly respected family-run business serving Perth.  We offer fixed price quotes and can deal with all your queries related to moving.  If you need any advice, feel free to give us a call.

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