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Tips For First Time Renters

Moving into your first rental property is an exciting milestone in your life as it marks the beginning of your independence.  Many people take on their first rental after living with their parents and look forward to the freedom of having less restrictions.

While renting is a new experience and can be tremendous fun, it can also be a little overwhelming as you are accountable to a landlord and liable for any damage.

Here at Able Removals we’ve come up with a list of top tips for those just about to embark on the rental journey for the very first time.

Make sure it’s the right rental property for you

When you’re looking to rent your first property, view it as though you want to buy it.  People can stay in rental properties for years, so ensure you do some extensive research before committing to a lease.  Check that it’s in an area which is suitable for your commute to work or college. Inspect the property very carefully and speak to the letting agent or landlord about the tenancy agreement.

Always ask about the length of your tenancy and what will happens should you break lease. Most importantly check how much bond is required and how it will be protected.

Can you afford the property?

While you may be in a rush to move into your new rented home, make sure you can afford it before you sign a tenancy agreement.  You may be able to pay the rent, but think about other associated costs such as energy bills, the internet, maintenance of a swimming pool etc.

Sit down and work out your budget and know exactly what money you have available to spend on top of your monthly rent.

Consider any issues about sharing with friends

Don’t be fooled about sharing a house with others, it may seem like a good idea, but even your best friend may have annoying habits, so think carefully before you commit to living with a group of people.

Investigate practical arrangements, like the payment of bills, remember if your name is assigned to a bill, you are legally accountable if it doesn’t get paid.

It may be a wise decision to split up the utility bills and internet so the responsibility is spread out amongst different people.

Do a thorough inventory check

The landlord or letting agent will issue an inventory within a few days of you moving in to your rented property.  It will list items in the property and state their condition. Check this list is accurate and make any amendments which may be necessary.

Take your own photographs – all this information will be useful when you want to get your bond back at the end of your tenancy, if there a stain on the carpet, this information needs to be highlighted.

Move at the right time

Remember that the price of rentals can vary depending on the season.  Peak season is summer around Christmas, when prices are usually higher.

Summer is a time when families get ready to send their children to new schools, it’s the start of the new year and signals new beginnings which creates a demand for rental properties. During the winter months in Australia, rentals are more plentiful and therefore they are lower in price.

Here at Able Removals, we can help you with all your moving requirements. We provide a superior, yet affordable service which gives you peace of mind.  Our priority is ensuring that your furniture and house contents are safely delivered to your new home. Ring us now to find out more about our removal services.

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